Read the complete review:    T      he New York Times Book Review

Read the complete review: The New York Times Book Review

"[An] engrossing biography . . . Wright comes through vividly on almost every page. Blunk began working on the book in 2002, and it's clearly the better for that long gestation . . . Blunk makes judicious use of Wright's papers, including important letters that only recently came to light . . . It's in the extensive endnotes that Blunk really shines, illuminating his sources and his resourcefulness . . . Literary biography at its fine-grained finest."
―Eric McHenry, The New York Times Book Review

 Read the complete review:    Wall Street Journal

Read the complete review: Wall Street Journal

“[A] fluent biography … Adopting a clear, novelistic style, Mr. Blunk’s narrative is both cogent and thoroughly informed … With his lucid portrait of Wright, Mr. Blunk has performed a major service. Wright holds an honored place in mid-twentieth-century poetry. His best poems—marked by ‘the pure clear word’ and an ability to convey gut-punching emotion—are now fortunately lodged (in Robert Frost’s phrase) where they will be hard to get rid of.”
David Yezzi, The Wall Street Journal

 Read the complete review:    Minneapolis StarTribune

Read the complete review: Minneapolis StarTribune

“Jonathan Blunk, the authorized biographer, shows considerable empathy for his subject, and his sensitivity to the poetry shines through this long and detailed work … Blunk concentrates on Wright’s intense devotion to poetry, and he fleshes out the genesis and development of various poems and collections … All the while the poet’s great intelligence, volubility, generosity and humor are on display … Altogether, Blunk provides a sweeping and eye-opening account, for which readers will be grateful.” 
Mark Gustafson, Minneapolis Star Tribune